Commercial Kitchens

For professional kitchens, restaurants and the food industry, we provide various cloud-based platform services as well as ecological and responsible foodservice and hygiene solutions.

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The next-generation digital self-monitoring service NSnappy® makes food and customer safety management easier and more digital than ever before.

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Digital platform services for commercial kitchens

For customers in the foodservice sector, we have been developing various cloud-based platform services for years to monitor various objects, devices and facilities. The measurement targets are determined from the e.g. self-monitoring plan and from the measures to ensure good hygiene and customer safety.

The new NSnappy® is already a second-generation digital service that automates the self-monitoring routines of professional kitchens and facilitates operations management. The NSnappy® frees up time in the kitchen, increases food and customer safety, and yields savings. Learn more about the new NSnappy® self-monitoring service!

The OVA Service is a first-generation digital service platform for professional kitchens that allows you to digitalize and automate your self-monitoring plan (HACCP) and various documents. Read more about OVA Service!

Additional services for digital self-monitoring

Training Services ensure that the use of the digital self-monitoring service is goal-oriented and brings value to your company from day one.
Learn more about our Training Services

NSure Lifecycle Services let you enjoy continuous warranty for your IoT devices.
Learn more about NSure lifecycle services.

Responsibly produced product concept for professional kitchens

We offer foodservice operators and the food industry a hygiene solution and a responsibly produced product concept in accordance with the SUP Directive. With these products, you can prepare, store and transport meals both food and customer safe and cost-effectively.

Ecological hygiene solutions

In addition, we offer an ecological and responsibly produced hygiene solution for the needs of professional kitchens, restaurants and the food industry.

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