Self-monitoring service NSnappy is your digital companion in high-quality management of cleaning and hygiene tasks in professional kitchens

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The self-monitoring service NSnappy digitalizes self-monitoring routines by taking care of and reminding you of daily tasks. Thanks to NSnappy’s systematic and user-oriented approach, self-monitoring is effortless, leaving employees with more time for tasks such as food preparation and customer service. In this article, we will explain how the service helps professional kitchens ensure a high level of cleaning and hygiene.

With NSnappy, you can perform the following hygiene and cleaning tasks:

  • Hygiene and cleaning tasks
    • For example, cleaning the kitchen, dining room, toilets, ovens, refrigerating rooms, blast chillers and floor drains
  • Surface hygiene measurements
    • Surface cleanliness samples from a cutting board, worktop, plate or the refrigerating room’s door handle, for example

Digitalizing cleaning and hygiene tasks streamlines everyday routines

NSnappy specifies cleaning and hygiene tasks for professional kitchens in a digital format, making them easily accessible and editable. Tasks can be scheduled to be carried out at specified times. Once a task is completed, it is checked off in the service, so employees always have an up-to-date list of tasks at their disposal. This facilitates the flow of information between shifts, for example.

NSnappy cleaning task
The cleaning and routine tasks defined in NSnappy provide an up-to-date list of the day’s cleaning and hygiene tasks. Checking off tasks is quick and easy.

Tasks can be accompanied by detailed descriptions and instructions, allowing NSnappy to also serve as an induction tool. For example, in a cleaning task, you can record the tools and cleaning agents you need and add a picture or video of how the cleaning task is correctly carried out.

Real-time monitoring works as a management tool

With NSnappy, real-time results of self-monitoring tasks at different sites are easily available for any given time. The versatile reporting tool provides up-to-date reports on cleaning and hygiene tasks carried out and the results of surface cleanliness samples, among other things. When a supervisor or manager notices a problem, they can react immediately.

Digitalizing self-monitoring promotes food and customer safety

The NSnappy® Hygi luminometer
The NSnappy® Hygi luminometer gives a surface cleanliness result in seconds. The sampling instructions can be viewed by phone in the digital service.

By regularly carrying out cleaning and surface hygiene tasks according to up-to-date and clear instructions, better food and customer safety can be ensured. The NSnappy Hygi luminometer, which measures surface hygiene, tells you in seconds if a surface cleanliness sample is not at a sufficient level. By not having to wait several days for a result, the problem can be corrected immediately.

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