Training Services

for smooth deployment of cloud services and IoT measuring devices

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Our Training Services make the deployment of cloud services and related IoT devices effortless. The training ensures that the use of the service is goal-oriented and brings value to your company from day one.

Training Services include a deployment meeting, training session and a follow-up meeting.


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Remote training


  • Standard self-monitoring
  • Probe/IR meters
  • Deployment meeting remotely
  • Training session remotely
  • Follow-up meeting remotely two weeks after the deployment

Contact training


  • Tailored self-monitoring
  • Probe/IR meters
  • Transmitters for automatic temperature monitoring
  • Deployment meeting remotely
  • Contact training in client’s operating environment
  • Follow-up meeting remotely two weeks after the deployment

The benefits of Training Services

Individuality – Training is tailored to the client’s needs, in line with the client’s practices and processes

Practical approach – Concrete, real life examples enhancing learning

Activation– An inspiring instructor knows how to activate participants

Clear and visual training material – The client receives the training material as a handbook after the training

A follow-up meeting – Answers the client’s questions and helps to solve any problems encountered


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