Cloud services

Nokeval’s cloud services are designed and implemented customised on Amazon AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure platforms, for example. We also offer a ready-made cloud service base to speed up implementation. Connect the devices designed by Nokeval to your cloud service for seamless compatibility.

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Take monitoring to the next level

Your customers deserve a service that meets their needs and is easy to use. You need to find everything you need in your cloud service and nothing extra. You want to find an implementer for a logical entity that also works when used.

We design and implement cloud services for specific uses. We have customisation experience around different topics and a vision for implementing a functional user interface.

700+ cloud services users
50+ customised features
15+ years of wireless systems

Manage the timetable and costs at all stages of the project

At first, together with our team, you plan the functionalities, usages and integrations of the service. The features together with the implementation schedule affect the final price of the project.

Based on the plan, we will make an offer that includes not only a transparent cost estimate but also a realistic estimate of the schedule.

Consider your customer’s user experience already in the design stage

In the design stage, think carefully about the purpose, for which the product is being designed, and who its end users are. Do you want to integrate the product with other systems, or does it work independently?

How many features will the product have and how do you want them to be used? With the help of our experts, design the best user experience for your own customers.

Support Finnish know-how

All our cloud services are designed and implemented in Finland. By purchasing the service nearby, you make your own communication easier, make operations flexible and get expertise in developing a service that supports the operations of a domestic user. In addition, you help keep jobs and know-how in Finland.

Nokeval’s cloud service is an efficient solution for data collection and analysis

You get additional effectiveness by integrating the system into your own service package.

Free project mapping

We are interested to hear your views on a perfect cloud service. What does it look like, what does it do, what should it be able to join? We are also happy to hear what the project’s starting points, expectations are and on what schedule you want the service to be completed. Project mapping is always free of charge and does not bind to the purchase of the service.


What should the finished service look like, who uses it and for what purpose? You should spend a lot of time in the definition and design phase so that the finished service is exactly what you want. We have an uncompromising pursuit of the best possible outcome.


Of course, we make sure that the cloud service works the way you want it to. In addition to Nokeval testers, you can also try out the software yourself during the development phase.


Our customer support will help you with any problems, forget about finding the right provider and keep only one number.

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