Legal texts

Nokeval Oy Customer Register Description

This is the register description and privacy policy regarding the processing of personal data in Nokeval Oy’s customer register in accordance with the Personal Data Act (523/1999) and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU 2016/679).

The Data Controller Is

Nokeval Oy
Address: Rounionkatu 107, 37150 Nokia, Finland.
Phone: +35833424810
Business VAT ID: FI28524228
Data Controller Representative: Jani Vähäsöyrinki

Name of the Register

Nokeval Oy customer register

Purpose of Processing

Personal data is processed to allow the data controller to manage customer relation, orders, delivery and invoicing. Additionally, the personal data is being used for targeted bulletins, campaign messages and possible recalls. (General Data Protection Regulation article 6 1 b and 1 c.)

Registered Groups

The personal data of customers who have been in contact with the data controller is being processed.

Data contained by the Register

Person’s name, address, invoicing address, email, phone number, title and role in the organisation are being processed.

Regular Data Sources

Data is collected directly from the registered customers.

Disclosure of Data

The personal data is not transferred outside of the EU and is used only by the data controller. Data is not disclosed to third parties, e.g. for direct marketing purposes.

Data Retention Time

The personal data will be removed after the customer relationship has ended. The customer relationship, unless otherwise stated, ends after two years has passed since the last day of purchase or other communication with the customer.

Data Protection Principles

The information system where the information is being stored is protected with strong passwords and other appropriate measures are in place to ensure sufficient level of information security.

Inspection Right

Customers can inspect the data stored in the register upon request. Customers can also request a correction of incorrect data in the register. To request an inspection or correction, please contact the data controller directly.