Food Industry as a Pioneer in Self-Monitoring

Self-monitoring plays a crucial role in food production as a guarantor of product safety and quality. Its purpose is to ensure that consumers are provided with only high-quality and safe food products. We have developed solutions for the food production industry, ranging from continuous automatic monitoring to spot sampling measurements, to meet these needs.

Our digital solutions make implementing self-monitoring easier, helping to ensure a high level of safety and quality.

“Automatic remote monitoring alarms have had a clear positive effect on production monitoring, as the data logged into the system can always be traced and the problem situation can be accurately located.”

Tytti Tukiainen, quality control, Linkosuon Leipomo Oy
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NSnappy® Self-Monitoring Service in the Food Industry

With the digital NSnappy® self-monitoring service, you lead the implementation of your self-monitoring plan, taking into account critical control points (HACCP) and their severity levels.

NSnappy digitizes your self-monitoring plan, automating temperature measurements, routine tasks, and reporting. The NSnappy task list guides the implementation of self-monitoring on time. Automatic alerts in the service allow you to react quickly to potential deviations. The service includes NSnappy® measuring devices tailored to your needs, such as monitoring temperatures and measuring surface hygiene. Measurement data, results, and deviations are stored in the NSnappy® service, making monitoring and generating reports effortless. The browser-based NSnappy® service works on all devices.

Why Choose NSnappy?

  • Tailored digital self-monitoring service according to your monitoring plan
  • Customized and scheduled self-monitoring tasks
  • Easy management and monitoring of self-monitoring activities
  • Alerts for deviations
  • Reliability and transparency in self-monitoring processes
  • Always up-to-date and easily accessible information
  • Streamlined reporting: Access reports easily and quickly from the system
  • Audit-ready documentation
  • Opportunity to automate self-monitoring measurements using NSnappy® measuring device

NSnappy Helps Ensure Safety and Quality Throughout the Production Process Journey



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The NSnappy® self-monitoring service is also suitable for professional kitchens.

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