Kyrö Distillery Company constantly monitors quality

The quality of the Kyrö Distillery Company’s products is ensured by monitoring temperatures.

The story of Kyrö Distillery began in Isokyrö in 2012 when a group of friends tasted excellent rye whiskey. The question arose as to why a similar product is not distilled in Finland, as we have a great availability of rye as local production. Whiskey is currently being produced as much as the equipment allows, and there are plans to expand both the production and storage facilities to meet the demand.

In Kyrö Distillery, valuable craft time is allocated where it is really needed through the automation of routine operations. The quality of the products is still ultimately ensured by a varying tasting group and some of the stages have been preserved as handcrafted. Monitoring the quality of parts that act automatically between processes and the control of storage conditions for both raw materials and finished products was intended to be automated to avoid unnecessary work steps and save working time where handcraft is still a critical need. The need to optimise the use of time for quality control in the distillery lies in particular in routine temperature control in production and monitoring of air temperature and relative humidity in storage facilities. Working time in Kyrö Distillery is saved, among other things, thanks to automatic alarms, when reports do not have to be monitored in the service’s user interface. Alarms are defined as outgoing to the correct responsible person based on date and time.

The automation of Kyrö Distillery’s monitoring was carried out with wireless measuring transmitters, which monitor e.g. temperature and humidity of production facilities and barrel warehouses. Kyrö’s production facilities are located in an old dairy building, which is typically a challenging environment for wireless devices. The building has thick stone walls partly underground, a lot of metal in the form of distillery equipment and thick fire doors due to the fire-sensitive product range. Kyrö Distillery has used measuring transmitters using LoRa modulation, whose strong wireless signal can cover the entire building without any problems.

The distillery environment has its own critical measuring points, and the choice of measuring equipment to be adapted to them requires the expertise of its designer. It is possible to connect optional sensors to our monitoring system, which in combination with a wireless transmitter automatically collect the specified data into the system. The design of the system began with a visit to the premises of Kyrö Distillery, where the production process was reviewed in detail. Kyrö Distillery introduced their critical measurement targets and needs for data collection. The selection of measuring devices and the design of the system were done by our experts. The distillery was supplied with temperature measuring transmitters for production facilities and freezers for storing distillate materials. Temperature and humidity are measured from barrel stocks to ensure optimal maturation of the products.

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Watch the video where Lari Maasalo presents the solution we developed for Kyrö Distillery Company!

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