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We design, manufacture and sell smart measuring devices and cloud service systems to enhance our customers’ self-monitoring and condition monitoring processes. By automating routine quality control tasks, we make our customers’ daily work easier in professional kitchens and across a wide range of construction, industrial and laboratory applications.

We help create a smoother and safer – and therefore better – everyday life for our customers and their customers.

Nokeval – Securing Safety and Quality

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Commercial Kitchens

For our customers in the foodservice & hygiene segment, we have developed various cloud-based platform services, e.g. digitalisation of self-monitoring and management of professional kitchens and streamlining of work processes.

By automating self-monitoring tasks, we help kitchen professionals ensure food hygiene and food safety in their kitchens. Our solutions help them achieve their quality objectives and responsibility commitments while saving time.

In addition, we offer foodservice operators and the food industry a hygiene solution and a responsibly produced finished product concept in accordance with the SUP directive. With these products, you can prepare, store and transport meals both food and customer safe and cost-effectively.


For our customers in the construction and environment segment, we have developed wireless solutions for measuring the conditions of the environment and buildings throughout their life cycle. Our selection includes more than 500 device models e.g. quality control and measurement of various critical conditions as well as wireless data transmission.

Our newest solution is a construction sector lifecycle solution platform for IoT measuring devices. The device and cloud combination allows you to measure, monitor and report, for example, the various functions of your process or the temperature and humidity of your premises. A flexible, customizable, and technology-independent platform can be easily integrated into various systems.

We make construction condition monitoring easier, so that builders can focus on delivering quality work on time and within budget. This helps provide and maintain clean indoor air and safe housing for decades.

Smart Industry

For industrial needs and demanding conditions and operating environments, we offer ready-made device solutions for processes, quality control and wireless data transmission and remote monitoring. Our ready-to-use hardware solutions offer a range of our tested and proven basic equipment for, for example, process and quality control and wireless data transmission. Our devices are specifically designed to withstand industrial use and have been tested in demanding environments.

It is also possible to have customized versions of the ready-made devices. We are happy to plan modifications to the equipment to find the best solution for you.

Our easy-to-use measurement and quality control solutions streamline industrial processes and the daily work of laboratory professionals, for example. Our solutions ensure the high quality and safety of end products in demanding conditions.

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We help create a smoother and safer – and therefore better – everyday life for our customers and their customers.

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Nokeval – Securing Safety and Quality