Smarter Solutions for Monitoring of Conditions

We design, manufacture and sell smart measuring devices and their cloud service systems to enhance our customers’ self-monitoring and condition monitoring processes.

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Commercial Kitchens

Smart, wireless measuring equipment and digital self-monitoring services for ensuring the high quality and safety of foodstuffs and ecological and sustainable foodservice and food hygiene products.


Smart wireless measuring and control solutions for buildings and environmental conditions, covering the buildings’ entire lifecycles.

Smart Industry

Off-the-shelf devices for industrial processes, quality control, wireless data transfers and remote condition monitoring, suitable for industrial needs and demanding conditions.

Product Development Services

When there is no solution in our selection that suits your needs, we will implement a solution that perfectly fits your needs.

Our product development is completely domestic, which guarantees agile service during both design and manufacturing.

In addition we provide a flexible, customizable and technology-independent cloud service platform for IoT solutions and data collection for all operating environments.

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1500+ Customers
50+ Industries
200+ Developed equipment models
40+ years of equipment design
20 years of wireless systems

If you are looking for responsible solutions that streamline your processes and performance, we can help you.

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