IoT measuring equipment and platform services improve performance and bring cost savings to many industries

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How are different IoT devices used and what can they be used for? What kind of data do they produce and how can different systems be made to use this data? What kinds of industries benefit the most from IoT solutions and platform services? What kinds of solutions are already available and what is being developed? Well, we will tell you!

Many industries are already using IoT technology

Here at Nokeval, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in the development of IoT devices and platform services. In the early 2000s, we developed a system that allowed data to be collected from different devices into a single service. Our number of customers gradually increased and we realized the potential of the system. We developed and launched the next generation of the system in 2012. This platform service is now better known as Ovaport.

The Ovaport service and the IoT devices we have developed have served as a solution for many different customer segments, including the foodservice and food industry, the construction industry, the environmental sector and many other industries. The use of technology in these customer segments has grown very rapidly.

Depending on the industry, various wireless devices are connected to the platform service to measure and  provide data on environmental or indoor conditions, such as temperature, air quality and humidity.

Through our partners’ and our own sales, Ovaport has gained thousands of customers. Depending on the industry, various wireless devices are connected to the platform service to measure and  provide data on environmental or indoor conditions, such as temperature, air quality and humidity.

By using data generated by IoT devices and analyzed by the cloud service, our customers in different industries have been able to streamline and automate their processes, thereby achieving cost savings and increasing business performance.

We develop solutions for our customers’ daily work

We at Nokeval invest a great deal in product development, and this is reflected in our number of projects. Indeed, we are often known for our product development in particular.

Our development projects consist of customized hardware and software development projects. Sometimes they make use of an existing measuring device, for example, and we develop a new kind of software to make use of its data. And sometimes we develop a completely new measuring device for the customer, and integrate it into existing software. We also develop different kinds of solutions for our customers by customizing off-the-shelf equipment and services. We also develop solutions for our customers’ own brands.

We at Nokeval listened to our customers and received a great deal of good feedback, based on which we set out to develop a new cloud service.

Because our products and services are always designed with the customer in mind, we constantly ask our customers for feedback and listen carefully to their wishes. We also involve them in the development of new solutions. Based on the great feedback we received from our customers, we set out to develop a new cloud service.

The new technologically neutral platform service brings added value to our customers

The principle of our new cloud-based platform service will be similar to our previous platform services, in which IoT devices generate data. The software architecture and Nokeval’s modern IoT hardware will also enable many new things. We have invested heavily in the scalability of the service to serve our different customer segments in Finland and abroad. We strongly believe that our new cloud service and next-generation IoT hardware will create even more added value for our customers in different sectors.

Our new development projects support our new strategy, which aims to achieve major growth both at home and abroad. Abroad, we have many partners who act as retailers or direct customers. Of course, we also have major customers in Finland who operate globally. Exports currently account for around 20% of our turnover. Our goal is to increase the percentage of exports through the cloud service we are developing and our IoT devices.

IoT solutions particularly benefit industries in transition

Our services and equipment are suitable for many business environments that are currently undergoing a transition. There are Smart City projects underway around the world, there is a high demand for data collection and presentation in industry, the foodservice sector is looking for more process efficiency, and the transport sector is looking to invest in real-time measurement of conditions and delivery tracking, among other things. We can help our customers in all these areas with our Finnish services and measuring equipment, both at home and abroad.

We would be happy to tell you more about how our IoT devices and  cloud-based platform service can boost your business performance!

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