It’s finally here! NSnappy, the next-generation digital self-monitoring service, makes food and customer safety management easier and more digital than ever before

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NSnappy is the most comprehensive service on the market specializing in self-monitoring, hygiene and various professional kitchen tasks, enabling the transition from manual self-monitoring to a fully digital era. The service helps monitor and improve the level of food safety from load arrival to waste.

NSnappy’s development was driven by the desire of our restaurant and professional kitchen customers to strengthen their business through digitalization and our desire to deepen our partnerships toward jointly set goals. Automating routine self-monitoring tasks with NSnappy frees up time, particularly for work that improves the business of a restaurant or professional kitchen in areas such as the following:

  1. Management: Clear, real-time results help raise performance levels
  2. Food safety: The measurement results provide solid data on the state of food safety
  3. Customer safety: The measurement results provide solid data on the state of customer safety
  4. Customer service: You can focus on customer service and food preparation instead of routine tasks
  5. Motivation: The results collected can be used to increase and maintain the motivation of your professionals.

NSnappy makes ensuring food and customer safety easier than ever before for both kitchen managers and kitchen professionals

Clear management ensures high-quality food and customer safety

The easy-to-use NSnappy streamlines the management of self-monitoring. All critical control points (HACCP) in the kitchen can be managed and monitored in real time through a single service. In addition to defining the tasks of self-monitoring and directing the work, the manager is always aware of what kind of alarms have occurred in the kitchen and what measures have been taken to correct them.

NSnappy truly digitalizes self-monitoring as a part of everyday kitchen routines. By true digitalization, we mean that all information related to self-monitoring is stored and accessible in a digital format. NSnappy is not just a repository for self-monitoring PDF files, as it does away with files altogether and provides a truly digital version of the self-monitoring plan. Measurement results are also sent from all measuring instruments to the cloud without the need for manual recording.

NSnappy’s data can be genuinely monitored, structured and used for long-term strategic development. Based on the measurement results, machinery in professional kitchens, for example, can be optimally adjusted to reduce energy consumption and maintenance needs, extending the lifecycle of the equipment.

Customized reports allow you to monitor self-monitoring measures to achieve strategic business objectives. You can set kitchen-specific performance indicators in the service. For example, the health inspector can have their own report tailored to include exactly what they need to do their job. The waste statistics show how much biowaste, serving waste and plate waste has been generated and the extra costs they have caused. The data collected from kitchens can be used to genuinely improve operations.

Modern tools free up time for customer service and boost work motivation

Having all the information related to self-monitoring quickly and easily available in a single service will also make the everyday life of kitchen professionals smoother. Sharing information across sites is easy, as reports can be scheduled to be emailed directly to site supervisors, for example. Tasks can be accompanied by any additional information needed, such as a photograph of a damaged load for a complaint or an introductory video on how to take a surface cleanliness sample.

Depending on the size and complexity of the kitchen, NSnappy saves around 20–30 minutes of manual recording time per day, which translates into cost savings of up to 3,000 euros or more per site per year. The time freed up by clear task lists and automated routines can be used by kitchen professionals for other meaningful tasks, such as preparing food and serving customers. Smooth everyday life improves not only working conditions but also the employee experience.

New generation technology

NSnappy also brings unprecedented new technical features to digital self-monitoring to make everyday activities easier. The browser-based cloud service frees users from having to download any separate applications. The service works on both Android and iOS and is not dependent on their version updates. Instead of Bluetooth, NSnappy’s measuring instruments use LoraWAN technology, which offers better coverage. This also eliminates the problems associated with pairing Bluetooth devices.

The quality of NSnappy is guaranteed by Nokeval’s more than 20 years of experience in developing digital self-monitoring, our durable measuring instruments and, above all, the voice of professional kitchens, which we took into account in developing the service, on how food safety assurance should become an increasingly seamless part of everyday routine and kitchen management.

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