Device Showcase: Remote Kide Transmitter for Ambient Temperature Measurement

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In our Device Showcase article series, we present each month one of our measuring devices: what the device measures, the unique features that set it apart, and most importantly – how it simplifies your everyday life one measurement at a time.

In Spotlight: Remote Kide Temperature Transmitter

The Kide Temperature Transmitter measures the ambient temperature with an internal sensor in the range of -30…+60°C. The device is suitable for temperature measurement in various indoor and outdoor environments, such as warehouses, cold storage rooms, technical spaces, and electrical cabinets.

Top 3 Features of the Kide Transmitter:

  1. Automated Temperature Monitoring
  2. Battery life up to 5 years
  3. Waterproof and durable enclosure

Kide transmitters for measuring temperature

Automated Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Kide devices enable the automation of temperature monitoring in various indoor and outdoor locations. Thanks to wireless capabilities, there is no need for cabling between different spaces, and the device can be easily moved from one location to another.

The Kide transmitter comes with a detachable wall mount that includes a microchip. The microchip on the wall mount contains a serial number, providing information about the specific measurement point. This allows for device replacement without the need to reconfigure the system. The old device is detached from the wall mount, and the new device is placed on the wall mount in place of the old one.

The Kide device can be connected to either customer’s existing measurement systems or Nokeval’s NSnappy cloud service. Measurement data is automatically transmitted from the Kide device to NSnappy service via the Hub base station. Real-time temperature data can be viewed remotely through NSnappy. In case of temperature deviations, the customer receives alerts about the anomalies.

Kide on the wall

Long Battery Life

The default settings provide a battery life of at least 5 years with a 15-minute data transmission interval and a strong radio connection.

Waterproof and Durable Enclosure

The waterproof Kide transmitter, equipped with excellent material strength, is designed to withstand conditions in freezers, cold rooms, and food storage areas. It is also suitable for cold transportation of food. The transmitter’s IP rating is 67.

waterproof and durable enclosure of Kide transmitter

Radio Technologies

The Kide device is available with two different radio technologies:

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