Wireless transmitter with an integrated Pt100 sensor. This measurement module measures the ambient temperature with an integrated Pt100 sensor. Measurement accuracy and long-term stability are very good. All measurement modules are factory calibrated to an accuracy of better than ±0.5 °C in the temperature range of -30… +50 °C.

All devices meet the mechanical and measurement accuracy requirements of standard EN 13485. The devices also comply with the requirements of EN 13486 and EN 12830, as applicable. A complete transmitter of the FT10 series always consists of the transmitter module FT10-RT433 and one measuring module.

The two-part design of the transmitter allows uninterrupted calibration changes for the measuring module.

Product code: 94110

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User Manual
  • Measurement of the ambient temperature
  • Sensor type internal Pt100 element
  • Measuring range: -30…+60 °C
  • Accuracy ±0.5 °C in range -30…+50 °C
  • Step response time 15 min 90 % (MovAvg=Off)
  • Operating temperature -30…+60 °C
  • Storage temperature: -40…+70 °C
  • Relative humidity <95 %RH, non-condensing
  • Protection class IP66 (modules together)
Power source
  • Battery 1.5 V, type LR6 (AA) alkaline battery, “heavy-duty”
FT10-RT433 radio transmitter
  • Type unlicensed 433.92 MHz ERC / REC / 70-03 sub-band f
  • Transmitting frequency 433.92 MHz ISM band
  • Transmitting power up to +10 dBm E.R.P.
  • Open space range up to 1,000 m
  • Indoor range typically 50…100 m
  • Antenna Use only the supplied standard antenna
  • Compatible equipment Nokeval MTR, RTR, FTR, DPR and FT20 series 433.92 MHz radio receivers