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Our team of engineers designs and develops state of art solutions to help your business do better. Optimize your process to the maximum capability with trustworthy measuring.


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Nokeval offers development services for measuring devices and data collecting services. Development services include designing, engineering and manufacturing. The goal for the project may be to modificate existing product or service, or to create a new one.

Collect data from your process and optimize the usage with knowledge.

You are aiming to provide the best possible service and products to your customers, or maybe want to enhance your own system to work more cost-efficiently. You’re searching for an executor to realize your idea about a new measuring device or to improve your current system.

We engineer every project in dense cooperation with the client. We have uncompromising will to create the best possible outcome, and we enjoy every challenge. As a partner we cherish Finnish straightforwardness with easy-going attitude.

Pay attention to user experience from the start.

Before you start the engineering process, think what’s the essence of the product, what’s the main purpose for it and who is the end user. Take also in consideration, do you want to integrate the product to other devices or systems, or will it work independently.

How many features will the product include, and how do you wish them to be accessed? Well-designed product creates better customer satisfaction and recommenders for your service.

Make a difference to the features, appearance and production costs.

What do you want the final device to look like? The appearance, size and details are freely definable in the engineering process. We’ll always keep you informed about the affictional costs to the end product.

Our engineering team helps you to take into account the small yet very important technical details. These enable the production process to be fully optimized and guarantee the product is fitting to the actual usage.

Successfull product developing process ensures great producibility, integration in later development stages and longer life span.

Master the schedule and costs at all phases.

You’ll plan first the functionalities, use cases and life span for the product. The features together with the execution schedule have an impact on the cost of the end product.

We’ll give an offer based on your plan, which includes our transparent pricing, realistic estimate on the schedule and assessment of the realized target price for the end product.

Test the prototype in genuine conditions.

The prototype gives a first look to the end product in physical form, and offers a chance to test it first time in genuine environments. We produce a prototype in our device  development projects, and test it in genuine conditions.

Follow the concerning rules and regulations.

There are lots of laws and directives in lauching a brand new product. If you don’t know everything there is to know in e.g. radio device directives, do not worry. We’ll take care of it.

Our vast experience in product development has brought us solid knowledge in legislative  matters. We know how to factor in the needed requirements in product engineering.

Enjoy the flexibility of manufacturing by ordering the production from us.

We manufacture the products of our own design in our manufacturing plant at Nokia, Finland. Our own plant enables us to give precise cost estimates, and note various details in the cost structure of the device in both choosing the parts and planning the assembly of the product.

The benefit in choosing Finnish labour is the flexibility in the production batches and delivery times, the seamless connection between engineering and manufacturing departments and for the most of all, the great quality.

Use our devices together with Nokeval cloud service solutions to guarantee the seamless ensemble.

Our development services include both device and cloud service engineering. Guarantee the pieces fit together by having only one supplier.


Collect data reliably

Devices that work as you wish, collecting just the data you need.

missing piece

Seamless connection to the cloud

Guarantee seamless connection between transmitters and cloud service with one service provider.

cloud system

Buffer the data

Collect data without losses by buffering memory in the devices.


Most fitting technology

Choose the best technology to fit the location to ensure transmitting without interruption.


Decide the transmitting interval

Collect the data as much as you want. The interval may be changed afterwards, if this is noted when designing the device.


Ensure the security

Take care of the secured connection and data storage.

Evolve and grow with the experts of Nokeval.

Don’t be alone with your development ideas. Design and carry out the best solutions with the help of Nokeval’s team of experts. Our vast experience in producing service solutions to various nieches is indisputable.


companies as customers


device models manufactured


years of experience in designing devices


various customer branches


wireless technologies in use


experience in designing wireless systems

Optimize your process with Nokeval

Finally an engineer who understands the big picture.

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