Business environments

IoT solutions are useful in many different business environments. Wirelessness enables fast experimentation, customisation and flexible system structures in a whole new way. Different industries benefit from the potential of IoT in a number of ways.

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IoT solutions help to manage with knowledge

Typically, projects start with some conscious problem situation that needs improvement. The implementation is often that the process is digitised, either from paper folders to an automatic data collection and process control, or from a wired version to wireless devices.

Automatic data collection
Data to all parties that need it
The results can be read from anywhere

Food industry as the pioneer of monitoring

The most versatile solutions have been developed for food industry monitoring. The requirements for accurate temperature monitoring set the exact framework and conditions for system operation. Solutions have been developed for this environment for both continuous automatic monitoring and point sample measurements. The importance of surface hygiene measurements is also constantly emphasised.

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Environmental condition measurements of the construction industry

The environmental conditions are measured in a variety of ways in the construction industry. The data to be collected may be related to air quality and concentrations of various substances in it, drying of concrete castings or variations in outdoor temperature. The scale of measurements is always adjusted according to the location, from individual sensors to the simultaneous comprehensive monitoring of many construction sites.

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Environmental condition measurements of cities

The Internet of Things can also be used in the public sector. The urban environment offers a wide range of measurement targets, the monitoring of which provides valuable additional information on the state and functioning of the environment. Data is collected in cities on e.g. air quality, water quality and quantity, traffic volumes, noise levels and lighting.

Appropriate systems for all conditions

The best solution depends on the business and the environment. Different industries have their own needs and requirements, which we always take into account in our development process. We always design our equipment with industry requirements in mind to ensure they withstand use and operate in the desired manner.

Customized System

One size does not fit all. That’s why we build tailored solutions based on our ready-made equipment and cloud services. In addition to pre-made products, we also design and manufacture exclusive, customer-developed devices and systems.

Designed for Industry

IIoT, or Industrial Internet of Things, is Internet of Things technology specifically developed with the needs of the industrial sector in mind. Consumer products do not withstand industrial use, which is why we design and develop devices always considering the demands of consumption and the environment.

Integrate Where You Want

Our devices and services are available for use both independently and in conjunction with existing systems. We always prioritize security, data transmission protection, and reliable connections between systems.

Information for Those Who Need It

Share the collected information easily with everyone who needs it. You can access reports from anywhere, and if needed, revisit a specific day at any time in the future.

The Linkosuo Bakery manages its production with data

The Linkosuo Bakery utilises a customised IoT solution for monitoring and optimising its production. The wireless data collection system provides valuable information in real time, making it easier to locate problems and improve the process immediately.

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