Internet of Things

The Internet of Things offers opportunities for a better process optimisation, machine maintenance anticipation and exceptional situations control. The systems collect data from all the desired targets, automatically store it in the selected system, and provide the opportunity for optimisation through knowledge-based analysis.

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Measure and optimise different stages of the production process using the Internet of Things.

Different measurement applications are suitable for different stages of the production process from the beginning to the end. The different solutions of the Internet of Things gather the data you need and transfer the measurement data to where you need it.

Anticipate the maintenance needs of machines
Optimise various process stages
Gather the entire measurement data into a coherent entity

The Internet of Things adapts to the process of its user

Measure temperatures, rotation speeds, fill rates, numbers of items, production times or whatever you need. We connect the right kind of sensors to the right data transmission technology for the application, and we transfer the data to the system of your choice. If necessary, we can also implement fully customised data collection systems.

Renew your business with the Internet of Things

At the present, there are more sensors and ways and possibilities to collect data available for us than ever before. Take advantage of available information and streamline production times, reduce complaints, or identify weak links in the process and make them more functional. The Internet of Things provides the means to store data quickly and efficiently, for example in the form of electronic forms and reports.

Genuine benefit from the Internet of Things solutions

Reliable data is the basis of development work. We have an infinite amount of data available, but its quality varies. The right sensor types, communication solutions and analysis methods will significantly increase the efficiency of your process and literally save you money.

Optimisation to a new level

Get information on machine operation, capacity and possible exceptional situations. Optimise operations based on knowledge for smoother operation.

Anticipate maintenance needs

Monitor the operation of the machines in real time, you can see the changes as they occur. Schedule maintenance correctly before costly equipment failures and downtime.

Convenient archiving

Reports are automatically collected in the program and archived in digital format. You can easily find what you need.

Manage with knowledge

Make decisions based on facts and share information easily with those who need it. The Internet of Things allows data to be shared among multiple users in proportion to their roles, reducing manual work.

Gasum monitors the conditions of its calibration laboratory wirelessly.

Gasum is a Finnish gas expert whose main goal is to develop the Nordic gas ecosystem with determination and responsibility.

Learn how Gasum uses the Internet of Things in its operations.

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