Wireless temperature monitoring

Temperature monitoring plays a key role in many industrial processes. Temperature measurement is our area of expertise and we are happy to help you find the best solutions for challenging applications as well. We recommend the most suitable sensors, wireless communication technologies and data collection systems for each site.

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Wireless temperature monitoring saves money

Collect temperature data from cold rooms, deep freezers, ovens, room air or wherever needed. Wireless temperature monitoring collects measurement data and automatically sends it to the selected system.

Temperature monitoring enables the use of equipment to be optimised when vacancy is eliminated or suitable operating power is found, and helps to save energy.

Just select the components you need
Measures reliably even in extreme conditions
Can be combined with almost all the systems

Temperature monitoring helps ensure quality

Wireless temperature monitoring enables measurements even in challenging conditions. Our versatile range of sensors, combined with our wireless transmitter models, bends for many applications.

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Non-contact temperature measurement is possible with the help of infrared technology

We resell Optris infrared sensors and cameras for non-contact temperature measurement. Designed for industrial use, the devices are compact and cost-effective, making them truly versatile.

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Develop your operations with temperature control instead of guessing

We want to meet each measurement need with a tailor-made solution that serves its purpose in the best possible way. When the suitable solution is found, the service can be duplicated to suit a number of sites. Our service is particularly flexible because we design and implement all equipment in the same office in Finland.

An overview of the situation

See essential data of all measuring points at a glance from the same page.

Automatic alarms

Subscribe to alerts for selected items and anomalous events. The system stores the acknowledgments, comments and measures taken recorded with the alarm information.


Collect the data you want for the report in an easy-to-read format. Include desired measurement points, time intervals and data types, such as events or deviations.

Monitoring plan

Record instructions for different sites and measuring points, add important information to memory. With the help of the monitoring plan, all the details to be taken into account are kept and they can be taken into account in the implementation of the plan.

Vaissi’s digital temperature control focuses craft hours on the most important purposes

A measurement system has been built for Vaissi that meets the needs of the manufacturing process and storage. Raw material temperatures are controlled at Vaissi at all stages of the process to ensure the first-class quality of the final product.

  • Storage temperature monitoring
  • Oven temperature monitoring
  • Sample measurements throughout the process
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“Digitalisation of the production temperature control has considerably improved the time management and transparency of production.”

– Laura Liimatainen
Quality Manager, Vaissi Oy

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