A healthy roof over your head – smart humidity control system VILPE Sense takes care of building safety

Vilpe Sense smart humidity control system


VILPE Sense, the smart humidity control system by VILPE, provider of innovative solutions for the construction industry, takes care of the appropriate ventilation of roofs, preventing humidity damage.

Aiming for a healthy roof

VILPE makes buildings healthier, one smart roof at a time. The company wants to challenge the construction industry with new innovations that allow building owners to minimize the risks caused by humidity damage and avoid more costly structural damage. Developed in collaboration with Nokeval, the VILPE Sense humidity control system helps keep structures healthy and preserve property value.

The solution: smart humidity control system VILPE Sense

The VILPE Sense system monitors and analyzes humidity levels on the roof and base floor in real time, helping pinpoint potential problems as soon as they arise. The system can also be used for building health monitoring during construction, when the structures are more exposed to the elements.

The system helps dry the insulation layer at the right time when needed, such as after rain, preventing it from becoming a growth platform for molds and fungi. VILPE Sense detects and issues alerts in response to even the smallest and difficult-to-detect leaks, making it possible to fix them before they turn into major and costly problems.

Product development based on genuine need

The VILPE Sense system and associated devices have been fully tailored to Vilpe’s needs by Nokeval’s product development department with a design approach based on the solving of a real everyday problem for the purpose of facilitating the condition monitoring and management of buildings.

The VILPE Sense system includes two sensors and a control unit connected to Vilpe’s energy-efficient roof fan. The sensors measure the relative humidity and temperature of both the insulation layer and outdoor air. The measurements made by the sensors are sent via the control unit to a cloud service that analyzes the data and detects excess humidity in the insulation layer. Based on the analysis, the roof fan is automatically adjusted to remove excess moisture from the building structures.

The condition of the building can be checked in real time anywhere and at any time via the VILPE Sense application, which also issues automatic alerts about potential leaks.

The result: healthy and safe buildings

A dry roof is not only safe, but also energy-efficient thanks to better heat insulation. The measurement data collected by the humidity and temperature sensors and stored in the cloud service provide building owners with reliable and unbiased data for accurately and promptly pinpointing potential repair needs.

A strategic partnership to support long-term business goals

The collaboration between Vilpe and Nokeval started with a needs assessment that clarified Vilpe’s needs and goals regarding the humidity control system. These needs served as the basis for creating a vision for the service’s user interface, which was followed by the development of the cloud service and devices. A key consideration throughout all the design work was compatibility and appropriate operation with Vilpe’s roof fan. The hardware and software development included a pilot project and numerous tests before production was commenced.

During the first six months after its launch, VILPE Sense was installed on over 20 buildings in Finland. The launch of the service abroad is already on the horizon, and development is continuing with Nokeval to meet the needs of the international market.

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