Made to Measure

Made to measure.

Measuring devices, cloud services and complete system solution help you to collect trustworthy data without compromises. Save time and resources with knowledge.

Passion for the best solutions


Nokeval is built on technical experts in various nieches. Our people have great passion in creating qualified and lasting solutions for gathering and transmitting data.  Every measuring-related problem is interesting challenge for us, and we can’t wait to solve them all. We are pleased to shared our point-of-view to any IoT related implementation, process modification and utilizing traditional measuring devices to new use cases. We are based in Finland.

Development Services for Measuring Devices and Software Solutions

Everything you need for designing, manufacturing and utilizing measuring devices and data collecting softwares.

Our development services include

  • Designing new devices and services
  • Modernizing old systems
  • Building prototypes

Measuring Systems

Build a completely new system or add new features to your current system with our standard devices and cloud service.

Selection includes

  • Ready-made devices
  • Wireless transmitting to existing system
  • Cloud service for data collection and storage
  • Design services for brand new modifications

Measuring Devices

Do you have some specific standard device? We have designed hundreds of devices, many of which are currently in our standard offering.

Our selection includes

  • Transmitters
  • Displays and panel meters
  • Infrared cameras
  • Special sensors for demanding humidity measurements
  • Signal convertors and galvanic isolators

Develop and build your business with our measuring technology specialists.

Don’t be alone with your development ideas. Design and carry out the best solutions with the help of Nokeval’s team of experts. Our vast experience in producing service solutions to various nieches is indisputable.


companies as customers


device models manufactured


years of experience in designing devices


various customer branches


wireless technologies in use


years experience in designing wireless systems


users internationally are improving their operations with Nokeval’s cloud service.

Start collecting data today with Nokeval

With tools to collect your data reliably and cloud to store in securely, getting started with IoT has never been easier.

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