Industry can evolve with the Internet of Things in a whole new way. Cut down unnecessary expenses and streamline your process with reliable measurement data. Nokeval’s industrial systems are designed and manufactured with special requirements in mind. The devices are designed to withstand heavy use and give accurate readings even in extreme conditions.

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The Industrial Internet of Things Offers Savings and Results

Digitizing measurements and reporting for critical points provides a new opportunity for optimization at different stages of the process. Measurement data offers new insights into operations, while digitalized monitoring provides a real-time view and easy archiving.

Wireless installations
Data in one place
Real-time Access to information

Construction industry solutions

Monitoring of construction sites is also possible wirelessly outside urban areas. Measures air temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide or even VOC gases. Monitor the fine particle concentration of air. Monitor the humidity of concrete castings to avoid construction errors.

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Measurements in challenging conditions

Precise sensors and finely tuned transmitting powers for challenging destinations. We monitor the air humidity in the cheese cellar as the readings approach 100 % relative humidity. The structures do not pose a problem for wirelessness, Kyrö Distillery’s production facilities can be monitored despite the couple of metres of thick walls and fire doors.

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The Industry is a Major Beneficiary of the Internet of Things

While IoT solutions have been most prominently showcased in consumer markets, the true beneficiaries are in the industrial sector. Enormous amounts of data and device deployments enable a new level of cost-effectiveness and optimization in all phases of the process.

Machine Usage Monitoring

Track the operation, utilization, and downtime of machines. Optimize operating times and respond promptly to any issues.

Always Accessible Information

Collect data from various sources into the same system, compare data, and measure performance based on reliable results. Automatic, accurate measurements ensure comparability.

Ensure Data Security

Integrate systems in the way you prefer, or connect new devices to your current system without additional software. Data security is always maintained according to the requirements of the target.

Digitize Papers and Forms

Actively gather information that you can truly leverage. Conveniently store reports and results in digital format, without the fear of paper destruction or the costs associated with unnecessary storage and retrieval efforts.

Gasum calibration laboratory under automatic monitoring

Gasum automatically monitors the conditions of its calibration laboratory around the clock. In this way, changes in the outdoor temperature can be taken into account in the calibration situation whenever necessary.

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