TCT thermocouple sensor with a Teflon cable

K-type thermocouple sensor with a Teflon cable.

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Mineral-insulated K-type thermocouple sensors are easy to bend. The bending angle must be at least 3 x the diameter of the sheath. We aim to store a wide range of commonly used thermocouple sensors, sensor thicknesses 1…6 mm.  We supply sensor lengths up to 10 metres on request, sensor thicknesses ø 0.5-6 mm. The thinnest thermocouple available is  ø 0.25 mm with limited lengths. The measuring element is right at the tip of the sensor.

The temperature range is -100…+ 1,100 °C. Although the sensor can withstand high temperatures, it is not recommended for continuous use at temperatures above 800 °C because thin thermocouple sensors age rapidly at high temperatures.

A Teflon cable withstands mechanical stress well over a wide temperature range of -100…+250 °C, alternatively with flexible silicone cable. The sensors can be easily attached to the measuring points with compression fittings.  The sensor cable can be extended with quick connectors, which must be of the same material as the thermocouple.

We store several different lengths and thicknesses of thermocouple type K with a 2 m cable.