T244 with steel tube

K or S thermocouple sensor with a ø 22 mm heat-resistant steel tube.

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T244 sensors with a heat-resistant ø 22 mm steel tube are suitable for applications where mechanical strength is required. In short-term operation, the sensor can be used up to 1,200 °C, but in continuous operation above 1,000 °C, the service life of the sensor is greatly reduced. A ceramic protection tube is more resistant to corrosive gases at high temperatures, model T245. Protection tube is available in various materials. We only store heat-resistant steel tube 1.4762. More information: length 710 mm, diameter 22 mm. The sensor is mounted with an adjustable mounting flange KLP-22, which is delivered separately.

Prices for S-type thermocouples vary according to the daily rate of platinum, ask for a quote.

N-type thermocouples to replace K-type sensors.
We also supply N-type sensors developed for higher temperatures than K-type. A K-type sensor can withstand temperatures above 1,000 °C only for a short time, while the N-type can be placed at a constant temperature of 1,200 °C. S-type is only needed for very high temperatures of 1,300…1,600 °C. The price of the N-type sensor is close to the K-type sensors, so the savings are significant  compared to the S-type.