K-type thermocouple wire with a fibre glass insulation that can endure the max. temperature of 800 °C.


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The most common wire sensor is the fiberglass-insulated K-thermocouple wire, in which the wires  at one end of the wire are twisted together or welded. In short-term measurements, twisting together is sufficient, but a welded joint is recommended for long-term use.

FPHT-K-1/0.2, -60…+700 °C
FPHT-K-1/0.5, -60…+800 °C
FPHT-K-1/0.8, -60…+800 °C

FPHT-K-7/0.2, -60…+700 °C, multi-thread version.

If  the maximum temperature of 400 °C is sufficient, see model FP.