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Nokeval Oy Customer Registry Description

This is a document about personal data management of Nokeval Oy’s customer registry and European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU 2016/679).

The Data Controller Is

Nokeval Oy
Address: Rounionkatu 107, 37150 Nokia, Finland.
Phone: +35833424810
Business VAT ID: FI28524228
Data Controller Representative: Jani Vähäsöyrinki

The Purpose of Management

The personal data is managed to allow the data controller to process customership, orders, delivery and invoicing. Additionally the personal data is being used for targeted bulletins, campaign messages and possible recalls. (General Data Protection Regulation article 6 1 b and 1 c.)

The Registered Groups

The personal data of customers who have made a contact to the data controller is being saved to the register.

The Register Data

Person’s name, address, invoicing address, email, phone number, title and role in the organisation is being saved.

The Data Sources

The data sources are the registered customers of the data controller.

The Data Release

The data is not released to the third parties. The data is not released to the third counties.

The Data Removal Time Limits

The personal data will be removed after the customership has ended. The customership unless otherwise stated ends after two years has passed since the last purchase day.

The Data Protection Principles

The information system where the information is being stored is protected with heavy passwords.

The processing of personal data in Ova mobile application

Ova mobile application usage requires user account and password to Ova service. With Ova mobile application, users are making measurements and entries, which are saved to Ovaport cloud service. In addition to measurements and entries, information about used user account and timestamp of the entry are saved.

In order to enable the usage of Ova mobile application, the app requires access to these
features of the phone or tablet:

• Access to internet – in order to communicate with Ovaport service
• Permission to use camera – in order to take pictures of barcodes and qr-codes. Pictures
are not saved.
• Permission to location – in order to connect sample measurement devices with

The following personal data is processed:

• Name and user account as defined in Ovaport