Wireless communication

Wireless communication and the solution used for it are always determined by the requirements of the application. Where are the devices placed and how many of them are wanted, does the site have mains power or just a battery and is data transferred a few times a day or almost continuously? We always choose the data transfer method to suit the application. We are a technology-independent player, so our wide range always allows us to choose the best solution.

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We use 8 different wireless communication methods

Our product development team is currently working with eight wireless communication methods: NB-IOT, 4G, LORAWAN, SIXFOX, LORA, MESH, BLUETOOTH and MTR433. As we are a technology-independent player, we are always able to choose the most suitable data transfer method for the device being developed.

In our off-the-shelf device range, you will find wireless measuring transmitters with LoRa and MTR433 radio heads suitable for most applications, as well as sampling measuring devices with Bluetooth connection. Select the appropriate sensor for the measurement point and start collecting data immediately.

15+ years of wireless systems
8 wireless data transmission technologies
500+ users of ready-made applications

Long-range wireless LoRa transmitters

Send data wirelessly from measurement points over long distances to the base station. At best, the signals from our LoRa transmitters carry over distances of more than 10 kilometres. Connect a suitable sensor to the transmitters and collect data wherever you want. LoRa transmitters are available in our standard devices with an internal Pt100 sensor, for an external Pt100 or Pt1000 sensor with an M12 connector or a cable gland connection, and a capacitive and resistive humidity sensor.

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Medium-range wireless MTR transmitters

Send data wirelessly from measurement points to the base station. At best, the coverage of Nokeval’s MTR transmitters can be more than 2 kilometres.

From our standard device range, you will find Pt100 transmitters with internal sensor as well as external Pt100 or Pt1000 sensor (sensor ordered separately). In addition, the MTR series includes a transmitter with a capacitive humidity sensor.

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Our product development services use all technologies

Wireless communication works when the right technology is chosen for it. We are a technology-independent design house, and we always choose the implementation method to suit the site.


Emerging technology for large data volumes and high speeds.


NB-IoT utilises 4G network structures and offers lower power consumption, better coverage and cheaper service charges than 2G/3G/4G.


The advantage of this technology is low practical power consumption when operating in the area that is most characteristic for it.


This technology is simple and light, but the amounts of data that can be transferred are also the most limited.

Wireless communication is a cost-effective solution for many applications

There are several wireless communication technologies on the market. Wireless communication must always be selected according to the application and method of use in order for it to function as intended. Take into account at least these:

  • at what distances the devices are placed
  • is the space open or surrounded by heavy walls
  • how often and how much data do you want to transfer?
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