TREP probe sensor

Affordable Pt100 2-wire cable sensor with a silicone lead.

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Affordable probe sensor with a 2-wire connection and  silicone lead.

Sensor temperature range is  -50…+500 °C.

The bending angle of the sensor is 3 x the diameter of the sensor.

Sensor lead connecting part temperature max. 120 °C.

2-wire connection does not remove the line resistance of the sensor cable and is therefore suitable for applications where the accuracy requirement is not very high or the line resistance can be removed at the transmitter.

The sensor has an accuracy class of B,  a deviation of +-0.3 °C. The cable causes an additional error of about +0.4 °C per metre. In 3- or 4-wire connectable sensors (Pt4), the line resistance is compensated away at the measuring device.