TRE probe sensor

Fast and light Pt100 temperature sensor with an M12 connector. A moulded four-pin M12 male connector at the end of the sensor.

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The TRE sensors are bendable and have a four-pin M12 male connector (IP67) at the end, to which an extension cable of the desired length can be obtained with a standard copper cable.

Temperature range is -30…350 °C, accuracy class A, deviation ±0.15 °C at zero degree temperature, and -45…500 °C in class B. 

TRE series sensors  are inspected in an ice bath  (0 °C)  at the factory and the resistance value obtained is stamped on the  sensor. Entering this value on Nokeval transmitters will result in a better accuracy class than  Class A (<0.15 °C) near zero degrees. TRE sensors are also available in class AA ( ±0.1 °C)  in temperature range 0-250 °C.

Sensor lengths are 100…1,000 mm and  diameters  2, 3 or 6 mm. Sensor bending angle 3 x sensor diameter.

M12 cable connector is supplied separately, straight model M12S-NA  or angle model M12K-NA.