TRCP miniature sensor M12

Resistance sensor that is especially suitable for small pipes. M12 connector.

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A Pt100 miniature sensor with an M12 connector that  is especially suitable for small pipes. At the end of the sensor there is a detachable 4-pin M12 male connector, IP67. We supply a separate M12 female connector with screw connection for the cable.

Temperature range is -50…120 °C, accuracy class A, deviation ±0.15 °C at zero degree temperature, 4-wire connection. Material AISI316, process thread R1/8” or 1/4″, lengths 13…45 mm. Pressure strength 300 bar with R1/8” sensors.

The resistance value at zero degree temperature is stamped on the side of the sensor. By entering this value to our transmitters, the accuracy class of the sensor becomes better than the accuracy class A, because the transmitter removes the sensor error at zero degree temperature (one-point temperature-controlled bath calibration).