TCSM8 and TCSM12 thermocouple sensors

K-type thermocouple sensor with an M8 or M12 male connector and compensated pins. M12 cable connectors with a screw connection as options.

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K-type TCS8 sensors are equipped with moulded M8 male connectors with compensated contacts. Connector tightness is IP67.

This design combines the advantages of a detachable connector with the advantages of a permanently cast joint: small size and suitability for demanding environmental conditions.


TCSM sensors with M12 connectors with K-type compensated male contacts.
Connector tightness IP67 and max. temperature 90 °C.
M12 cable connectors with a screw connection as an option, also available a K-type extension cable which already has an M12 connector, cable length 5 metres.

We store TCSM sensors in several different lengths and diameters. Please inquire for availability.