PT5T cable sensor

Pt100 sensor with a Teflon or PFA cable, especially for cold measuring points such as deep ice freezers.

Temperature measurement range up to -196…+600 °C with a PFA cable and -150…+250 °C with a Teflon cable.

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Sensor for a wide temperature range. Suitable for e.g. deep ice freezers.

  • With a 3- or 4-wire connection
  • With a 50-, 100- or 150-mm-long sensor
  • Sensor diameter 6 mm
  • 3, 5 or 10 m with a Teflon or PFA cable
  • Not all the combinations of these are available


  • Wide temperature range -150…250 °C  (PFA cable: -196 °C…+600 °C)
  • Very thin ø 1.6 mm cable without the thicker connecting portion of the cable connection
  • The sensor cable can be connected to the process with a compression fitting, if the protection tube is not needed