PT4T and PT4S cable sensors

Pt100 or Pt1000 sensor with a Teflon or silicone cable.

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Pt4 series Pt100 cable sensors  are available with Teflon or silicone cable.

Sensor thickness 3 or 6 mm and length 50-250 mm. Temperature range -50…+350 °C,   accuracy class A (±0.15 °C at 0 °C) or B (±0.3 °C at 0 °C).

Cable length generally 3 m, 3- or 4-wire connection.  Also available in other cable lengths according to the offer. The insulation of the wires of the silicone sheathed cable is Teflon, giving the cable mechanical strength. Silicone sheath, on the other hand, has better humidity protection properties than Teflon.  The maximum temperature of the silicone/Teflon cable  is 180 °C and that of Teflon/Teflon is 250/260 °C, respectively.