Thermocouple connector, miniature size. Available types K, T, J, B and N.

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Miniature thermocouple connectors are available according to IEC or national colour codes. Thermocouple type and polarity are marked on the connectors. The max. temperature of the plastic connectors is 120 °C and 560 °C of the ceramic ones.  Miniature connectors are flat and standard size connectors are round.

Connectors are available for thermocouples J, K T, E, R/S, male FMTC-X-M, female FMTC-X-F or as a panel model FMTC-X-FF. Ceramic connectors are available as female and male connectors only. Metal panel mounting holders suitable for plastic and ceramic connectors are available.

The connectors have screw connection for a thermocouple wire or extension cable. Portable handheld meters use a dog-type miniature connector. The connectors can be used with all thermocouple sensors such as TCT and TCR sensors.