BMK with steel tube

A K-type thermocouple sensor with a heat-resistant ø 15 mm steel tube.

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BMK thermocouple sensors with a heat-resistant ø 15 mm steel tube are suitable for applications where mechanical strength is required.  In short-term operation, the sensor can be used up to 1,200 °C  If the temperature is constantly above 900 °C, we recommend sensor T244 with a wire pair thickness ø 3 mm. A thick sensor wire extends the service life of the sensor many times over.  At high temperatures, the durability of the protection tube is strongly influenced by the gas composition of the measuring point. If this is not known, it is advisable to select a sensor with a ceramic protection tube, e.g. a BK or T245 series sensor. The protection tube is available in different materials; however, we only store  tubes with material 1.4762, length 500 mm and diameter 15 mm. The sensor element is  a ø 1 mm wire pair. Adjustable mounting flange KLP-15, supplied separately. See also with a stronger protection tube,  T244 sensor.