BK with ceramic protective tube

K or S thermocouple sensor with a ceramic ø 15 mm protection tube.

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BK thermocouple sensors with a ceramic ø 15 mm protection tube are designed for high temperatures and applications where steel protection tubes corrode quickly. K-type thermocouples can endure a constant temperature of 1,000 °C and momentarily 1,200 °C. For the K-type sensor, we use ø 1 mm pairs of wires. By using thicker ø 3 mm wire pairs, a multiple  service life is achieved, see type T245. However, for temperatures above 1,000 °C, we recommend S-type thermocouples because of their multiple durability compared to K-type thermocouples.

An S-type thermocouple (ø 0.5 mm)  endures a continuous temperature of 1,450 °C and momentarily up to 1,700 °C. A thinner (ø 0.35 mm) wire pair endures continuous temperature of 1,300 °C. The thickness of the wire pair significantly affects the durability of the sensor. The price of an S-type thermocouple follows the daily price of platinum, ask for a quote.