System Solutions

Measure to know.

Choose the most suitable devices and data collection system with the help of our experts. Optimize your process with trustworthy data to achieve the best outcome.

All measuring solutions in one system.

We help you to collect the data you need. Our system covers challenging environments, remote locations and various measuring quantities. It’s always built to fit your specific needs.

Choose the parts you need

Build a system to fit your needs. Choose the points you want to measure and select suitable wireless transmitters for each location. The system always includes only the parts you need, nothing more.

Edit the system when you want

Add or remove users, measuring points, locations and features when you want. Edit the user rights when necessary. Things change, and so does your surveillance system.

Avoid human errors with automation

Make timed tasks to remove human errors when it’s time to act. Notes are easily done via mobile app, this ensures the system is always at hand when things need to be written down.

Order scheduled reports

Order automated reports to your email so you always have the same data available when you need it. Reports will be sent directly to the named person, no need to download them from the system. They are of course available also in cloud if needed.

Supervise and optimize by following trends

Watch measuring data from one view in numbers or graphs. Period can be chosen to match your needs from minutes to a whole year. You use what’s the best for you.

Duplicate easily to multiple locations

New location without system? Add it easily to existing system, as a same version or completely new one. You can also edit user rights to cover all locations or just the ones you want.

Realize your measuring plans. Optimize and prove your process works.

Build a system with Nokeval devices and cloud platform

Choose the measuring devices you need from our off the shelf selection and connect them to our cloud platform.

The system includes

  • sensors
  • transmitters
  • data transmission
  • cloud service
  • data storage

Collect measuring data to your current system

Add measuring transmitters to your current system. Analyze the collect data inside your existing platform.

The system includes

  • sensors
  • transmitters
  • data transmission
  • API interface

Collect data from your devices to new cloud platform

Shift from local logging system to cloud service, but restore the current sensors. Switch the platform without changing the devices.

The system includes

  • transmitters
  • data transmission
  • cloud platform
  • data storage

Design completely new solution

Design and plan completely new data collecting system with our engineers. We build brand new devices and platforms for specific measuring needs. Products may be designed for your individual use, or they may be light modifications to our existing devices.

Nokeval’s Cloud Service is an efficient solution to collect, store and analyze data. Add extra effectiveness by integrating the service to your own process.

kube with hand

Focus on your core business.

We plan the system with the big picture in mind, so you want choose the parts you need and build up the system you want to have.

Save time and energy to serve your customers. Satisfied clients are happy to promote your service to others, which will bring more income to you.

Free consultation

We’d love to hear about the measuring challenges you are facing. What does your perfect system measure, what features it must include, with what systems do you want it to work with? The system consultation is always free of charge and doesn’t oblige to purchase.

Design the system

How many transmitters, how long transmitting range, what’s the preferred interval, how many locations you want to include in one system? Our experts help you choose the most suitable option of wireless transmitting, sensors and features to your system.


After the system plan has been finalized, you’ll make the installment plan with our technician. We always recommend using our trained technician for best wireless usage, but it’s also possible to mount the system independently.


One service provider to do everything, is that possible? We offer maintenance and calibration services for Nokeval devices as well as full upkeep for our cloud service. You’ll need only one number for all issues.

Develop your process with trustworthy data.

We want to make it easy to collect and analyze the data. This is the reason we don’t offer any package solutions, we want the system to work for you, not you to work for it. Every location and challenge is unique, and we want to keep it that way.

All the data at hand when you need it

Temperature Measurements

Collect measurement data from cold rooms, deep freezers, ovens, indoor air or anywhere you want. The measuring data is collected automatically to the storage system and displayed in both numbers and graphics.

Humidity Measurements

Keep track of the relative humidity of indoor air and react on time in case of radical changes at the humidity levels. We provide two sensor sensitivity levels to the system, traditional capacitive sensors and super accurate Swiss sensors. You can choose the accuracy and speed you need, we do the rest.

Surface Hygiene Measurements

Take a sample of a surface, analyze it instantly and get results in a minute. You know immediately, was the cleaning sufficient or should some procedure be changed. The test results are saved automatically to the cloud service.

Wireless Data Transmission

Place the measuring transmitters freely where you want them. Wireless transmitting enables data collection also in challenging locations due inlets can be avoided. We have devices with different transmitting modulations, which gives our system first-class loudness in various conditions.

Wired Transmission

Utilize your existing wired devices by connecting the to the new system. Our data collection service can also collect data from other manufacturer’s devices with wired incomes.

Buffering Memory

Collect data also during power outage. Buffering memory will collect and keep measuring data stored also when the transmission is blocked unexpectedly. All collected data will be transferred to the cloud platform after the outage is over.

General View

See information of every measuring point at one glance. We have gathered all measuring data on the main page to ensure easy access to all important data. You also see all active alarms and tasks at the same view.

Automatic Alarms

Order alarms from the locations or measuring points you want. You can save multiple duty officers to the system and specify time periods you want each to be alarmed. All acknowledgments, comments and accomplished tasks are saved to the system.


Collect the data to a report form for easy analyzing. Include all measuring points, transmission intervals and data types you want.

API interface

Transfer measuring data to your own system via API interface. Interface can also be used simultaneously with the cloud platform, so you can choose the best from each one.

ModBus RTU

Link your existing devices to the same system as wireless devices and utilize them easily without excessive device purchases.

Surveillance Plan

Write down instructions and notes for each measuring point. Surveillance plan helps all staff members to notice all details, when instructions are always at hand.

Start in a budget

Our system is designed to fit the need of both small companies and huge enterprises.

Our surveillance system is always build to fit the location. Price consists of the acquisition of devices and service as a one time fee, and monthly charges for the cloud platform licence and data transmission.

System Example: Manufacturing Process Line
  • 5 mounted temperature measuring points
  • Ovaport cloud service
  • 2 user licences
  • alarms
  • reports
  • data transmission
  • 24 months data storage

Start small and bring only the absolute necessities to the measuring system.

Example: Manufacturing facility
  • 20 mounted temperature measuring points
  • 5 mounted humidity measuring points
  • 1 sample measuring device for temperature
  • 1 ATP luminometer
  • Ovaport could platform
  • 4 user licences
  • alarms
  • reports
  • data transmission
  • 24 months data storage
  • mobile application
  • timed tasks
  • info display

Go Local

To serve our customers better outside Finland, we have joined forced with some carefully selected partners. If you are interested in hearing more about the system locally in Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and United Kingdom, please contact our local representatives.

Didn’t find your country and interested in purchasing or representing? Please contact us directly for more information.

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United Kingdom

Process Parameters Ltd
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Grow your system with you.

Add new users, measuring points and quantities when you want without any muss or fuss.

The system can always be edited just the way you want. Start small or big and edit on the way. We are here for you.