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Measuring covers everything

Measuring stuff accurately has always been an issue. To us it’s our whole world. We are keen on finding the best solutions. And we’re just getting started.

The Story Behind Us


In 1980, our founder Reijo Vähäsöyrinki got and idea about company as passionated in measuring as Reijo himself. Nokeval started as a R&D company, and after almost 40 years we’re still proud to stand on the same ground. After Reijo decided it was time to enjoy some much earned retirement days, Nokeval faced time of re-evaluation. Jani and Lari, old buddies who met first in the Finnish Army and later had worked together at Nokeval for 15 years, accepted the challenge.

While Lari roamed through the field of measuring device manufacturers, previous quote requests and met customers of Nokeval, they started to notice something curious: systems and processes were lacking of extra special measuring devices to do one particular job to make the system better. The tried and true devices simply weren’t enough anymore.

Meanwhile, Jani ventured through wireless technologies and cloud platform providers. Finland experienced a massive IoT buzz in 2016, and suddenly there was a name to the systems we had been building for over ten years. Wireless technologies interested everybody, and Nokeval’s name started to appear more and more often as a true expert in the IoT projects. The small measuring expert company from Nokia, Finland was reborn as an IoT solutions house ready to mingle with every wireless technology at stake.

So after many long days and nights of discussion what Nokeval should offer in the future we made a conclusion:

People don’t want to hassle with complex devices and services which don’t fit properly to their functions. They want convenient solutions that do what they’re suppose to do.

It was time to make solutions that fit the need. Time to offer answers to individual problems, not to please every buyer at hand. Time to build lasting relationships, sustainable systems and develop businesses even further together.

In our world, the only way to be successful in the long run is to work for your customers’ success from day one.

Lari Maasalo, EVP

The key to a successfull development project is in understanding the technology and complete systems.

Jani Vähäsöyrinki, CEO

Products With a Personal Touch

Companies are made up of people. And when those people have the right tools, they can turn their business dreams into reality.

Development Services

Design the devices and the services you need for growing your business.

Measuring Systems

What does all-in-one measuring system mean? Less hassle, more automation, better knowledge.

Off the Shelf

Ready-made devices to supercharge your process and measure the things you need to be measured.

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